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About company

Vend Station is a Qatari company that has been established through the company program of Injaz Qatar organization, where the company started its activity by students of Qatar University. Vend Station provides vending machines that sell stationery items in educational institutions to be near to students. The Vending Machine has a screen attached to it to display advertisements. As a support for students or alumnus who have small business an exceptional price is offered. As well medium to large businesses can request advertisement for their company.

Company Achievements

Vend Station won the first place on the best student company in the company program on the level of universities in Qatar.

The team was invited to attend INJAZ’s tenth anniversary and were honored by Sheikh Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani the prime minister and the head of the ministry of education and higher education Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulwahid Alhammadi.

Vend Station joined the Lean Start Up program, and got incubated by Qatar Business Incubation Center.

Some of the team members have appeared in several media outlets such as Aljazeera Channel and AlRayyan Channel.

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